Reading List

There are but a few books, some classics, some newer, by authors who continue to produce valuable print resources to help families understand and deal in healthy ways with the substance addiction of a loved one and their own codependent and enabling behaviours.  These and others are available from bookstores, second-hand outlets and on loan from our Boundaries Family Group library.

Barnett, Robin:  Addict in the House:  A no-nonsense family guide through addiction and recovery

Beattie, Melody:  (1) Codependent No More; (2) The New Codependency (& others)

Brown, Brene:  Atlas of the Heart (her newest; an interactive resource) (& others)

Castine, Jacqueline:  Recovery from Rescuing

Cloud, Henry and Townsend, John:  Boundaries (& others)

Forward, Dr. Susan:  Emotional Blackmail (& others)

Jeffers, Susan:  (1) Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway (2) End the Struggle and Dance with Life (& others)

Juby, Susan:  Nice Recovery

May, Gerald G:  Addiction and Grace

Melemis, Steven M:  I Want to Change my Life:  How to overcome anxiety, depression and addiction

Plattor, Candace:  Loving an Addict, Loving Yourself (& others)

Sheff, David:  Beautiful Boy

Whitfield, Charles L:   Boundaries and Relationships

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